Meet the Characters from Forged in Blood and Lightning

The pictures I've used reflect the overall image I have of these characters in my head, but they aren't exact representations. They live in a folder called 'cast ideas'!

Theodore Alastair Clemensen

Half Norwegian and Half Scottish, 
Theo inherits a genetic burden that
might just destroy the Nine Realms.
He lives on an isolated estate in
Hellingstead, Somerset.
Penny Nocenti
High Priestess of a Tuscan coven
and Hecate's creature. She has plans 
for newbie vampire Lorenzo, 
none of them good, and covets Theo's power.
Ava Wallace

Songwriter and Clairvoyant,
Theo soon falls for this girl
with rainbow hair. But these
strangers have a hidden history
that will come to haunt them both.

No one knows where he comes from,
how he cuts through wards like
butter, or why he leaves behind a 
strange glitter wherever he goes. 
Forever young, this 'boy'
is regarded as a force of nature.
He also steals the one thing protecting
Theo from a premature death.
Professor Menelaus Knight

Actually a Guardian of the
Praetoriani, Menelaus is responsible
for the death of Theo's mother, Isobel.
He must decide whether his desire for
Ava is a price worth paying when the
Clemensens already want him dead.
Lorenzo Angelucci

Menelaus's student, Lorenzo, is
turned into a vampire the night
that Theo inherits his genetic burden.
Despite his best intentions, his
new nature threatens his girlfriend
Jean-Ashley. He becomes unlikely friends
with Theo, and Raphael's hunter.
Uncle Nikolaj

Half-elf and all Clemensen, Theo's Uncle 
Nikolaj is an expert storyteller and mischief
maker. Despite being near a century old, he
only looks around 30...and acts it too. Until
the 1980s, he spent most of his life in Alfheim
with his Sarrow kin. You never know when he might
show up...or disappear.